E-commerce web hosting provides a platform for budding entrepreneurs and businesses to build an online shopping cart and e-commerce websites. Enhance your performance with IBEE’s unique custom-made solutions which includes top-notch features, including SSL, shopping cart, payment processing and stringent security measures needed for any top-end e-commerce site.

IBEE helps your customers feel a great shopping experience with our highly secure and quick performing solutions. Our platforms are backed by the state-of-the-art infrastructure to protect your applications and systems.

The IBEE Edge

  • Superior Web Performance
  • World class E-commerce experience to shoppers
  • Drives your online business like never before
  • High security
  • Expert Support
  • An experienced team of experts using innovative processes and the latest technology


Everything is accessible within your palm in the comfort of your mobile phone. Your mobile app can even make or break your business since it’s the most important point of contact with customers both current and potential. Mobile apps are used for everything right from booking tickets, food delivery, gaming to following your favorite sport, live!

For any mobile app to thrive and be popular among customers, its availability, accessibility, and performance are of utmost importance. Choosing the right hosting service is of utmost importance to please your users. This could improve sales, your overall business and add potential clients. At IBEE Hosting, we work with you to map your hosting requirements and help you choose the best and most suitable plan from a range of options. Get access to the most affordable, effective, and easy hosting plans for your app. IBEE provides unparalleled speed, uptime, and a competitive support team so you may remain focussed on your app.

You need unparalleled speed and uptime, as well as a technical support team that won’t let you down just when that growth curve is about to hit. You want to focus on your app, not the annoying technical stuff that a hosting company should take care of.

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