G Suite

IBEE Hosting is a pioneer in providing hosting and IT services to more than 10,000 customers in India, the US and many other countries. IBEE is itself an early adopter of G Suite, which we believe helps in improving productivity and uptime. It offers a perfect solution for a mobile workforce helping teams communicate and collaborate across different locations. Allow us to bring to you the “Google advantage”.

IBEE helps customers improve their business processes with G Suite, and the glowing reviews from them is proof of how we have helped them find a reliable and trusted solution with no problems in downtime. IBEE with the G-Suite offering helps organizations with a secure platform for communications and sharing sensitive data. Being cost-effective, G-Suite is preferred over other solutions with their top quality apps. IBEE brings added value to its customers looking at the requirements of various industries and sectors, and target ones which match the strengths and benefits of G Suite.

More on G-Suite

G-Suite is a cloud-based suite helps meet your business requirements helping you get word done from even remote locations and any device. Irrespective of a business being big or small, G-Suite helps you run it with its highly collaborative features. Google hosts all these tools so that users can reduce IT and maintenance costs. For an organization to be fruitful and productive, it has to successfully run its business and moving to G-Suite is a major step. With G-Suite, the business can get customized email addresses, mobile email, and calendar. The default spam filtering of G-Suite is considered the best in the industry.

99.9% uptime is guaranteed in G Suite with 24/7 email and phone support. Its setup is available for small businesses, education, government and also non-profit organizations.


  • Professional email from your company web address ([email protected])
  • Get all the storage you need
  • 24/7 live support
  • Advanced admin controls
  • Mobile device management
  • Easy data migration

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